Bad habits creeping in?

In this session, Gail will teach you the Fogg Behavior Model which cracks the code of habit formation! Come prepared to think about a specific habit you wish to break and what would change for you if you could let it go. In this interactive and fun session, you’ll learn how to look at your behavior with curiosity and objective distance and free yourself from the self-trash talk!

Gail Kreitzer, of Dashboarding Minds, is a certified Life & Leadership Coach who is passionate about helping high achievers integrate everything that is competing for their valuable time and energy. She champions what she refers to as her “get to less” mindset which elevates productivity and peace of mind. Gail is the creator of Dashboarding® and the inventor of the My Dashboard® Planner. Gail specializes in work/life/self-integration, empowered communication, and energy leadership. Her clients include entrepreneurs, school districts, and small companies.

Prior to running her business, Gail worked for 12+ years as a Human Resources professional in the marketing/advertising industry in Boston and NJ. In her free time, Gail enjoys practicing hot yoga, organizing her neighborhood fitness Bootcamp, riding horses, playing Scrabble, and avoiding laundry. Gail lives in New Jersey with her husband, two teenage daughters, and a black lab. Fun fact? You will never see Gail on a beach without shoes on her feet!