Are Your Living Your Self-Worth?

Being stuck in your life is costing you more than you think.  How many times do you think maybe one day I’ll have enough to go on that trip to Europe.  Maybe in retirement I’ll finally be able to take care of my health.  Maybe if I win the lottery I can to help my family.  Someday, but not today.  Are you sick of it being someday and not today?  Why are we waiting to live the lives we want?  Why are we giving up today because we think there is no possible way we can do it now?  In the end, why not now?

It all comes down to living your self-worth.  By being “stuck” or “trapped” in your current life, means you are accepting to not live up to your self-worth.  Have you thought about how much it is costing you to be “stuck” at your current job?  Or what about being in a bad relationship for 1 year, 5 years, or even 20 years too long, what is that costing you?  And another big one, how much is that downward debt spiral really doing to you and to your family?  Since we can’t actually measure the effects of these to our lives, we don’t really think about them.  But they are all there, and they are all costing us the most precious thing around: ourselves

want you to think about all the ways being stuck is affecting your life.  What are the emotions surrounding it?  How much energy is it draining you of each day for the last how many years?  What are the snowball effects of it to your family and friends, because trust me, they see it and feel it too.  You might not feel like yourself at times and act out towards the people you love.  I’ve done it, and I’ve seen it too.  When the most genuine and kind person starts yelling at a car, or maybe that is just New Jersey road rage.  NOPE! I’m pretty sure it is that negativity surrounding their life because they aren’t living it the way they want, and the way they deserve to live. 

We can continue down this path until our life is over, or we can say enough is enough, my life is worth living!  I have chosen the latter because I know I am meant to transform women’s lives, and I hope I can transform your life too.  Now that you’ve thought about all that you’d like to shred from your life and all the energy and emotions that go along with it, think about all that you want.  What your life can be, and think about how it will affect those around you.  Do you think they will notice the change and want to change too?  At first they might be nervous or apprehensive about your new direction in life.  And that is fine.  They want to keep you safe and comfortable, and what is safe is continuing your current patterns of life.  (Even if it is hurting you since no one likes change.)  But change is a must, and life is built on decisions.  As they say the only constant is change…so should we try hiding from it or embrace it?  That’s right, embrace it!!  How will you feel once you get there?  Is this feeling worth the change?

I have seen this rejuvenation in women’s lives first hand, and I have helped women get there too.  So I want to help you and start transforming your life for the better.  My goal for you is to feel confident and empowered after reading this post, ready to take on the world.  So ask yourself if what you are currently doing with your life helping or hurting you.  Do you want to find other ways to live?  It is time to start living the life you want, just like my favorite quote says: “Ten years from now, make sure you can say you chose your life, you didn’t settle for it.” –Mandy Hale 

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Jessica Weaver, CFP®, CDFA, CFS®
Wealth Advisor