Are you manifesting a surplus into your life?

There’s been a lot of talk about the Law of Attraction, if I just dream it and visualize it…it will come! Have you been wishing and working on receiving a large financial gain? I’ve been witnessing more and more people trying so hard to get more money in their life, and striving to protect what they do have. 

During a crisis time, it’s hard not to think about your big money fears. Have you ever thought:

What will happen to your business if you don’t make more money? Will you have to shut it down after putting so much into it? What happens to your house, to your family if you can’t keep paying your bills? Will you lose the house over your head? 

These questions can make you desperate to find a solution, a quick fix. It’s not a quick fix you need, it’s a #pinkfix. You need the right money systems, money coach, and supportive community to bring your money to the next level.

How do I know? Because I’ve been there. I’ve wished desperately for more money to come into my life so I can continue to grow my business. I’d meditate on it, I’d visualize it, and I’d end up waiting…waiting…waiting for it to never come. What was wrong? I was grateful for the money I was manifesting. I visualized how it would allow me to help more women. I did everything the Law of Attraction says to do. Finally I realized I was missing the BIGGEST piece to receiving the money:

You need the RIGHT Money Systems in place to receive it!

You will never receive the money unless you have the proper systems in place. You need a home for your money besides your bank account. I researched, read books, worked with money coaches, business coaches, and I created a few money systems. Then I modified, then reworked, then modified again all the systems out there until I had my very own Money Systems that worked no matter what level you are at with your money.

I’ve created 5 different Money Systems since then, and each one of them  matures with you as you progress through life. They grow with you as you move from starting off saving money to winding down your career into your refinement. 

They grow with your life, they grow with your money!

Here’s what I know:

Until you create new homes for your money and have a plan behind your finances, you won’t be receiving the money you deserve. Money chases after intention. Once you become clear over the direction you want for your life, gain clarity over the plan to get you there, and implement the right money systems, the money will be chasing you. 

You won’t have to CHASE after money anymore!

I don’t know about you, but I am way too tired to work twice as hard for my money. I’d rather leave the hard-work to your money so you can get on living your life, fulfilling your dreams, and being with your family.

And guess what…launching NOW is our LIFT, our NEW #pinkfix Community to bring your life to the next level!