Are You Afraid of Money?

I remember growing up to the TV show, Are You Afraid of the Dark? My mom loved the show, it was scary yet kids appropriate! You see my mother loves scary movies, scary shows, she even turned our garage into a haunted house every Halloween night. Yes, she would hide in a full size coffin, drinking “blood” or between you and me…red wine! 

My nephew asked me the other day, did Grandma make you watch scary movies. My response: only everyday of my life. My mom tried to convince me that I too loved scary, gory movies just like her. But I would always end up terrified, sleeping in her bed! So no, I can say with complete certainty that I hate being scared! So why would I write a post about being afraid of money?

I was spending 2 weeks living in my parents house at the Jersey shore while my children went to a swim camp. I was biking to the beach pool to get some of my own laps in when I asked God, what do wealthy people do differently with their money? I had gotten so comfortable with a certain amount of money or wealth. For me, my comfort zone of money is between $1-3 million, this has grown over the years, but I have found a hard barrier to the $10 to $50 million dollar range. Try googling the mortgage monthly payment for a $5 million house! If this number frightens you, then you know your money barrier. As I am biking, running, and driving around my parent’s town, I can’t help but see the wealth all around me. Money is constantly circulating around you, so what is the difference between the million dollars in their bank account versus yours? Or asked a different way: how do you shift that money into your bank account, get the money from your manifestation to your bank account? 

On this particularly sunny, windy day, God gave me the answer: Jess, they aren’t scared of money. They aren’t scared to make a decision around money, they aren’t nervous about paying their bills, they don’t think twice about how much they save. Money is a tool, they use it well, and don’t question whether money will be there tomorrow for them or not. They trust. 

The opposite of fear is trust, as God says: Cast all your fears and anxieties to me, I will carry your burdens. Or do not stress over tomorrow, for today has it’s own challenges. If God is tell you, me, all of us to stop freighting, why do we still get scared of money? I brought this up to our advisors at the Women’s Wealth Boutique, to let them in on what God has said and to also get their take on it. We did a braindump, one of my favorite activities, to all the reason we are scared of money. These came up in a big way for us all, and I’m curious if they resonate with you as well:

It’s too good to be true, something bad will happen!

Money is too much work, responsibility, I have to hire, what if I hire the wrong person/people to help?

I am not enough, smart enough, savvy enough!

I will have to work too hard or sacrifice too much to earn that amount of money.

All these concerns come from one common denominator: a lack of trust in ourselves. Here is how to overcome this lack of trust:

  1. You are dealing with an internal conflict of wanting more yet scared of what more will be. Filter through your thoughts on an ongoing basis, create your Daily Money Practice to navigate through these thoughts. Need help? Grab our course LIFT!
  2. Show yourself ways in your past that you have overcome these thoughts or where these thoughts were proven wrong.
  3. Get proof of your comfort with higher levels of wealth, whether it is restaurants you’ve eaten at, hotels you’ve stayed at, or people you’ve had conversations with.
  4. Money mantras! Bring money mantras into your daily life, add them to your thoughts, and add this powerful phrase to them:
    1. I am the kind of person who….add in your money mantra! This will switch your brain from doubting the mantra to looking for evidence within you to prove it is correct. I am the kind of person who welcomes money into my life. I am the kind of person who gets educated on investing money. I am the kind of person who trusts when money flows in. 

As you get better at navigating the internal conflict around wealth, you will see a difference in your bank account. AND I want to hear about it!