Appreciation is a tricky thing

“Remember you have been criticizing yourself for years and it hasn’t worked. Try approving of yourself and see what happens.”


I have given a lot of advice in my life, ranging everywhere from emotional to financial, but some of my favorite moments and pieces of advice are ones like this quote. We work our whole lives to be better, waiting for that big moment, working towards THE thing we want. We focus on the future, the chasing of that feeling like you made it, but what if you already did? Most people would think of this as a bad thing, that you’ve already reached your threshold without even realizing, or even worse, without appreciating it. 

Appreciation is a tricky thing. It’s hard for us to accept success, to pat ourselves on the back, to simply say “I did it.” or “Go me!” Why?! Look at where you are! Look at who you are! Look at how far you’ve come! If you won’t give yourself that round of applause, please let me be the one to, and hopefully you can learn to!

If I was to ask you, are you finally where and who you want to be in life, what would you say? I have a funny feeling the answer wouldn’t roll right off your tongue. Many women are scared to ever admit their successes or take a moment to appreciate the mini victories. And that’s what it’s all about, those small victories, opening your first checking account, paying your first month’s rent in your new apartment, getting that first paycheck at that new job. It’s okay to be proud of yourself for the little things! Appreciating the little things might even make the big things that much bigger. Pause, reflect, appreciate! Believe me, there is power in the pause. Being in the moment and pausing afterward to reflect on what that moment means in your life! 

Be thankful for the rest; embrace it so you can be ready for that next BIG, amazing, and fabulous opportunity He has lined up for you. 

Confessions of a Money Queen

In past events I’ve spoken at, I’ve asked the women in the audience to create a dream board. Whether they be attainable or not doesn’t matter, but do they lead you to your end goal? For most this end goal is simple: happiness. Appreciating yourself and your gifts help you to bridge the gap between the dream board and your happiness. It is getting to a place to fully appreciate and receive your joy. And that’s what I want for you! 

Now ask yourself: what is it you’re TRULY working towards? Is it a physical thing? Money? Success? Whatever that may be for you, it’s yours, and no one can take that away from you! Keep working towards it, keep the faith that everything good in life will come to you, keep moving forward! As you go through life, don’t forget to appreciate you, and your mini victories!

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What are you working towards?

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