Jessica Weaver

I’m Jessica Weaver AKA Not Your Father’s Advisor, yes the typical advisor is a male in his 60s, and I took a stance to find my own voice in the finance industry over a decade ago! I’m a three-time best selling author, blogger, international speaker, and the founder of the Women’s Wealth Boutique(insert link). The Women’s Wealth Boutique is the fastest growing women owned financial firm in the United State.

As a female in a male-dominated industry I always felt like an outsider. I felt the guilt of not fitting into the traditional role as an advisor, especially working for my father’s firm. I felt the fear of taking the risk, yet also the uncomfortable feeling of NOT taking the risk. I've turned down so many traditional opportunities (yes even turning down money!) in order to discover who I am, how I bring my best self to the table, and find my own significance in the world!

I fought for years to have a voice in the finance industry. I fought to work on my own terms and with those I love to help. I fought to move mountains, to make it work as a new mom and a woman business owner. I fought for balance. Can you relate?

Then I got exhausted from fighting. I hit burnout after burnout, so I decided to find a new path. I gave myself permission to surrender to God!

And now I receive wealth everyday. I receive love everyday and I give love everyday. I no longer sacrifice work or family, I have it all. I want you to have it all!

I show up from a place of power and grace. My work is transformational. Now I move mountains.

Today, we are a powerhouse community of women to help women like YOU build their career and businesses, build prosperity, and build your Money Empire.

I help women find their TRUTH, to uncover what ignites them, and how to monetize their voice. I love God, I love bringing God, meditations, and prayers into our events and programs. I want you to have the wealth you have always desired, to be unapologetically YOU, and to build a platform, your very own Money Empire!

In 2017, while pregnant with my daughter, I decided it was time to write my first book: Strong Woman Stronger Assets, which ended up being a #1 Best Seller. A few years later in 2019, my second book was born: Time to Refine, a Strong Woman’s Guide to Retiring on Her Own Terms. It became a #1 Best Seller the same week I found out I was pregnant with my second child. It gives me so much joy knowing both of my children were a part of my book journeys! Most recently, Confessions of a Money Queen launched as my third best selling book.

The traditional financial advisor can only have so much impact working one on one with clients. I felt the calling early on that we need to impact millions of women, so we invested into building out courses, books, and media to reach millions of women. I’ve learned how to leverage my assets, gain exposure to those in need, in order to impact and forever change the financial industry for women!

“It is my life mission to educate, encourage, and transform women's lives. And maybe have some fun along the way. Education is the best accessory!"
Jessica Weaver
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