A Behavior in Trust

I’m sitting on my comfy couch with my pink blanket on my legs as I cozy up for my journal and meditation practice. For the past 2 years, I’ve dedicated an hour every morning to my daily money practice which involves journaling, reading, and meditating. It has become the most productive hour of my life! I get refocused, realigned, and even protected against the negativity that might be thrown at me…especially since the stock markets have been brutal this year. Sometimes it feels as though my clients think I am the reason the markets are down and so their accounts are down. By the end of the day, I feel like I’ve been a punching bag and my nerves are shot. Despite all of this, I love my life, I love my work, and I still show up as passionate as ever to help women advisors and women investors! 

But today, I was reflecting on a big topic at the Women’s Wealth Boutique: HIRING! As I get constant questions about having an employee contract, how to set up payroll, how to look for an intern, how to delegate tasks, how to monitor new employee? The questions are endless, and I’m right there with them! My own questions on how to delegate more and more, how to track the progress of our team, how to keep them motivated, how to compensate them properly, how to reward them? And then it hit me, these questions all come down to one critical factor: TRUST!

Without trust, your new employee will have no where to go but disappointment. When you don’t trust, you don’t delegate because no one can do it better than you. Right? Yes, I am a type A control freak, which you already know, and I have always struggled with this! My amazing client relationships manager, Rachel, who works remotely in another state, was just in New Jersey with me. I couldn’t help but ask what her organization process looks like! I just had to know how she keeps everything straight! I’m so keen on building a productive, happy, and eager team that my own coach works with me team every month! I’ve found it the most beneficial meetings of the month as we all get vulnerable, share issues, and collaborate to find a solution! 

Hiring is an act of trust, delegating is an act of trust, placing my clients in the hands of a new administrator is a HUGE act of trust. 

Releasing any kind of control in your life is an act of trust. But the thing with trust is, we don’t practice it enough! There has been a huge movement with being more present in our lives. I truly think the next movement is being more trusting in yourself! Hiring isn’t placing trust in the other person but rather placing the trust in YOU. That YOU hired the right person, that YOU will train them properly, that YOU will delegate more. If the new hire disappoints, will we be disappointed in them? No, you will be disappointed in YOU. 

So I ask you now, how is your trust game?

Can you trust a professional to help you with your money? Or your estate planning needs? Can you trust yourself to follow through on a new program you just bought for yourself?

I remember one meeting always, it was with a woman who was at rock bottom with her money. She was in debt, no savings, and trying so hard to make her business work. I presented her with my Money Makeover Program designed to  pay off debt, bulk up your savings, begin investing, and transform your life. She began to cry because she knew how badly she needed the program, but then she quietly admitted “I don’t trust myself to follow through with the program.” She walked out of my office so disappointed in herself. She knew she was at the right place, she knew she needed the help, but her trust game was not in sight. I felt like I failed her, it was the hardest meeting of my life, because I couldn’t break down that wall she built up over the years. A wall of distrust in herself, in the world, and even money. 

It takes courage, leadership, and trust to make decisions with your money. If you feel stuck in your life, if you feel overwhelmed, stressed, and scared, it is because you are avoiding a large decision you have to make. You are avoiding it because you are not making the decision out of trust. So I ask you again, where are you not trusting? Where are you not leading? If you aren’t making decisions, then you are not trusting, and you aren’t showing up as a leader.

It takes trust to dream big!

It takes trust to invest in YOU!

It takes trust to show up for your business!

It takes trust to act!

If God already trusts you, what is stopping you from trusting Yourself?

“Ask and it will be given to You, seek and it will find You, Knock and it will be opened to You.” Matthew 7:7

Ask God today for trust, and He will give it to you!