5 Easy Steps to Become a Financially Successful Woman

How to become a Financially Successful Woman is easier than you think. I will break down the top common traits of women who are in control of their money so you can also take charge of your money!

  1. Financially Confident Women know exactly where they stand with their money. When we don’t know where we are in relation to our goals, we tend to get very anxious and think our situation is a lot worse than it is. By sitting down to review your progress consistently, you can get on track with your goals and stay on track.
  2. Financially In Control Women track their money so they know exactly how much they make, spend, and save. They don’t just happen to save $500 a month, they make it a point to save $500 first and spend later. We have so many expenses automatically being taken out of our bank accounts, it can be very hard to keep track of how much we really are spending. A good amount of people come in to see me and explain they know they save something every month. They aren’t sure how much, but they definitely are saving money. Then we go through their expenses, and they quickly see they are overspending, which explains why they aren’t any closer to their goals. By tracking your cash flow, you can see whether you are actually saving money or overspending every month.
  3. Financially Fit Women write down their financial goals, just like you would with your health goals. They keep track of their progress, modify their course of action if need be, and in the end, surpass their goals. They write down their goals and then more importantly, they prioritize them. I once heard from a very successful business owner to write down your top 10 goals and pick your top 3. Just like you need to make your health a priority to be fit, these women make their financial goals a priority. They aren’t scared to fail because they know it means they are pushing themselves out of their comfort zone. They are taking risks, working harder than they have in the past, and if they do fail, they will make some adjustments and keep at it.
  4. Financially Committed Women make it a point not to blame anyone but themselves if they overspend. They don’t make excuses, they acknowledge what they did wrong and move past it. A lot of women can’t move past it, they feel like they are in a hole, and they just can’t seem to dig themselves out of it. No one is going to dig you out if you don’t first make a decision to change and second ask for help. If you want to make a dramatic transformation on your life, you need to be committed to yourself and the change you are after. You’re always one decision away from a totally different life.
  5. Financially Independent Women don’t base their happiness on money or gifts from others. They find happiness in their lives first and don’t expect that more money will bring them happiness. They realize the more money they make and save can transform the lives of others and get joy and satisfaction from being able to give back. It’s not about having more money, it’s about the lives you can change with that extra money.

So how many of these traits do you see in yourself? And how many would you like to add to your life?

To recap, let’s see how it all works together:
Financially Confident+ 
Financially In Control+ 
Financially Fit+ 
Financially Committed+ 
Financially Independent= 
Financially Successful Woman

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