3 Ways to Take Your Power Back!

I turned to my husband in tears saying what if I just sold my business and moved on?

I hit my breaking point at my current broker dealer, and I knew something needed to change, but I didn’t know what. I was so exhausted from fighting with them that I felt done. I was drained and couldn’t imagine going on with my work. 

Then my husband said, “but you built your business with women empowerment and you can’t abandon your clients now.”

It was the wake up call I needed to hear, and who knew a year later, I would be named as Top 10 Women Disruptor for 2022. I had to stay in the finance industry for a reason, to disrupt it!

If you feel like you are done fighting, but aren’t sure what your next steps are, I encourage you to keep walking. Keep moving! You don’t need to know the end result yet, you just need to keep yourself in the game. BUT you get to change how the game is being played!

Here is how you take back your power:

  1. You build your own bill of rights! Create a new framework that works for YOU, and release all the shoulds and expectations you were programmed to work by in the past. What are the rules you lived by in the past that you want to get rid of, and what are the new ones you want to add? Maybe take Fridays off anyone?
  2. Trust there is a bigger game to be played, get out of the survival mode of day to day and step into creation. Carve out space in your calendar to create! When you are in survival mode, your brain is always in a state of stress. This state of stress makes your blood flow to areas of your body such as arms and legs so you can be ready to fight or flight. This means the blood is leaving your brain, leaving your digestive system, and is actually affecting your health. Can’t lose weight? How much stress does your life have in it? Can’t seem to make decisions, how much stress is in your life?
  3. Step into your future self! How does she run a team, how does she show up for meetings, how does she dress, how does she set boundaries, and how does she dress so damn fabulously? Picture her, envision her, and become her! 

Now you are ready to start living this new life as your higher self, and see the money flow back into your life. But you won’t even care about the money at this point, because you are so darn happy with who you are, what you created, and the money is just a fun side note. The money just becomes a way to make an even bigger impact than to just buy more stuff!

We’re here for you lady, we are ready for you to step up. Here is your wake up call! 

Are you ready to take it?