3 Reasons the Financial Industry is Messing up your Money and How to Build the Right Financial Plan for You

This is exactly why I created my #pinkfix community. Money management is hard to do alone, and getting advice and information from the wrong places can be detrimental to your goals. You really need to factor EVERYTHING into your plan. Your dreams, goals, lifestyle past and present, it all plays a part. 

Here are the 3 BIGGEST gaps with traditional financial planning:

1. Disconnect from the day to day money management  and investing your money. You manage money more every day than you do with investing, it has a BIGGER impact on your financial plan, and without having the right money systems, it’ll take you 3-4 times longer to hit your goals. I don’t know about you, but I’m too tired to work 3-4 times harder to reach the same goals. I’ve done the hard work, I’ve done trial and error so you don’t have to! Why make the same money mistakes the majority of people make that only slow you down, prevent them from moving forward? 

2. No integration of how you live and how you manage your money. Most financial plans lack the lifestyle component, your health, your beliefs, and your legacy. We build into your plan your lifestyle, your health and health costs now and the future, and work on your beliefs so you aren’t insecure about your money, you are now confident in all your decisions.

3. Moving too quickly past building your foundation.  Most advisors go to investing your money too fast and don’t do the prep work to make sure the plan is working. We slow it down to digestible pieces that build on each other. You will be educated on your plan so you understand it, AND believe in it. Every money system builds upon the one before it so you will actively implement your plan. Your plan will grow and mature with you as you go through life, as you hit goals. What we’ve seen from moving too quickly, you get overwhelmed, overstimulated, and stressed trying to do it all. It never works long term!

With the right systems in place you can accomplish more than you ever imagined. Working with the right team and having the support you need is the key to your success.