3 Easy Ways to Build your business income stream with less time and money!

I just had a call with 10 women business owners, all with the same problem: business growth, especially during a pandemic! They are struggling with finding time to do the activities required to grow their business. They are all having an issue standing apart from everyone else in their industry. They can’t  seem to find a way to engage with their prospects and how to properly follow up with them. All of these problems stem from one missing piece:


Even if you aren’t a business owner, you can still turn your daily tasks into tasks that will help grow your income, build your savings, and pay off debt. Even in the moments when time is so scarce, I always fit 1 money making activity into my day. In the periods when I have extra time, I turn it up a notch and shoot for 3 a day. It’s so reassuring to me to know I am always trying to grow my business AND also trying to grow my family’s wealth. I feel the most pressure when I’m not doing these activities, what about you?

While I was on the phone with a client, I realized she too was feeling the pressure from not doing money making activities. She was newly divorced, and was making one bad decision after the next. She decided to keep the marital house which was too large for her and way too expensive for her. She was ecstatic to tell me she sold her house and can now focus on growing her business. The house was sucking not only her money every month but also her time and energy. Removing that huge burden from her life, she is now able to refocus her business. 

What about you? Is there a burden in your life that needs to be removed? A bad business decision, a bad marriage, a painful past? How much pressure are you adding to your life by keeping it? As Dawn in my Strong Retirement Club always says: “I never realized how much stress I was under by not saving enough for retirement AND from not knowing what enough was.” Just like my client had no idea how much stress she was under by keeping the house she couldn’t afford. 

After so many calls with women who all have the same issue: struggling to focus on building healthy money making habits into their life, I crafted a NEW Jumpstart Guide to Build Your Income Fast. 

*Here is your Jumpstart, make sure to download the daily checklist so you can weave it into your daily life!

  1. 1 money making activity a day: 
    1. Examples for women business owners include: reaching out to prospects, email marketing, speaking engagements, and social media messaging, etc.
    2. Examples for personal wealth include: Talking with a financial advisor, meeting with your spouse about your money goals, cutting out expenses, asking for a raise, etc.
  2. Track your income and expenses, where you get your leads from, and your conversion ratios. 
    1. For women business owners: Go through your week’s income, where did it come from, how many activities or hours did you spend getting those leads, and where were you most efficiently using your time? (Basically, where did you get most of your leads that converted the quickest?)
    2. For personal wealth: Go through your household’s income, compare it to your expenses. Is there a surplus or deficit? If you have extra money leftover, optimize on it! How can you save and invest it to benefit your money goals? If you don’t have enough income to cover your expenses, or it’s tight, begin cutting expenses by prioritizing which ones you need versus want.
  3. Build a savings bucket!
    1. For women business owners: build an account into your business where you put a percentage of your income into every month, and you can use that money to invest back into your business. You should NOT take business investment money from your cash flow! When you do that, you rob yourself, and stress over how you will cover your bills, pay yourself, and pay your staff.
    2. Build a savings goal into your family’s money plan. Use this savings goal for a near term goal like vacation, new house, or college costs. Put a percentage of your pay into it every month and let it grow! Get the entire family involved to bring your children into the conversation and get them excited about saving money!!